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Dia da Consciência 17-Junho-2014

The friends of Sousa Mendes will again comemorate the Day of Conscience, June 17th, the day in 1940 when Aristides de Sousa Mendes decided he woul try to save all the refugees he could.  

It must be remmembered that this was also the fateful week when France capitulated to the apparently unstoppable invaders and General Charles de Gaulle launched the appeal to "la résistance" from London.  

The following events confirmed thus far  for 2014, 70 years after the death of Sousa Mendes.  

In Rome: Cardinal Renato Martino  will celebrate mass in the church Santa Maria of  Transpontina, time and date to be confirmed. 

In Rio de Janeiro: His Eminence Don Tempesta Orani will celebrate on 22-June, ( at 14.30 pm), church to be confirmed.   

In Bordeaux, France: The ASM Committtee has confirmed that  His Eminence Cardinal Ricard will celebrate on the 20th at  8.00AM   in the cathedral.

In Luxemburg  H E Jean-Claude Hollerich will celebrate "on  20-Jun,  7 pm at the Cathedral of Luxemburg. 

 In Portugal,  there will be mass in the Sé Cathedral of Lisbon on 20-June. Other events will take place in  Braga,  Viseu, Bragança, Setúbal, Beja  as well in Jewish  and other communities. 

In USA: There will be events in parishes of in Newark, Yonkers and Mineola. Bishop Edgar Moreira da Cunha  of Newark will remember   Aristides de Sousa Mendes and Luis Martins de Sousa Dantas  in the Sunday mass of 22-June, in Newark. 

Other events may yet be confirmed in other countries and other Portuguese communities in the US.

Em 2010, pedido para declarar 17-Junho, o Dia da Consciência 

Explica-me a Consciência como se eu fosse uma criança de 4 anos 

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