domingo, junho 07, 2020

RTP Ensina #Estudoemcasa shows SMF 2013 Road to Freedom

 The Sousa Mendes Foundation US is on  Portuguese TV !   And in the Portuguese textbooks.
When Portugal went into confinement on 13-March-2020,   RTP television and the Ministry of Education scrambled to prepare content for the home-schooling program  on-line ,  They included a video of the 2013 SMF Journey on the Road to Freedom from Bordeaux to Lisbon, with an emotional stop in Aristides's home town.  See
Aristides de Sousa Mendes, WWII, the 1940 refugees, and the Holocaust are all included in  9th grade History.
The main ASM 1940-2020 80th anniversary commemorations may be postponed.  But the exterior of Casa do Passal was restored in 2014-15 and the museum planning continues underway. 

We were fortunate to have made the last several Journeys and we have to keep believing that eventually, it will be safe to visit these historical places again and be inspired by the actions of a good man.  

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Ensina RTP - Home | FacebookWe need the example of Aristides de Sousa Mendes more than ever in these are perilous times, 2020 the Year of All Crises.  

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