quarta-feira, junho 03, 2015

In 1940, or today, what would you do ?

Imagine that you are a consular officer in the middle of a diplomatic career that you hope will lead to an ambassadorship. There are two rubber stamps on your desk. Using the one that says "APPROVED" would allow the desperate person sitting in front of you to travel to your country legally. Using the other stamp, which says "REJECTED," could mean consigning that person to prison or even death...

Subscriber CalloutEvery age will present people in positions of authority with similar difficult dilemmas. The details will vary, but the challenge will be the same.
If you were in such a situation, would you realize it?
And if you did, what would you do?

Defying Orders, Saving Lives: Heroic Diplomats of the Holocaust
By Richard Holbrooke, Foreign Affairs, vol 86, no. 3
Dia da Consciência http://amigosdesousamendes.blogspot.pt/2015/06/vamos-comemorar-e-reflectir-sobre-o-dia.html

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