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Conference on Jewish Museologies and the Politics of Display, 13-March-2016

The Centre for Jewish Studies is a transdisciplinary research centre at the University of Leeds, United Kingdom

Conference on Jewish Museologies and the Politics of Display, 

University of Leeds, 13-March-2016


Speakers and themes 

Eva Frojmovic (Univ. of Leeds) Introduction

Lorenzo Borgonovo (IMT-Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca, Italy), Jewish Museum Livorno between fascism and post-fascism

David Clark (Independent Researcher), A Difficult Balancing Act: Portraying Jews as both Similar To and Different From

Alexandra Cropper (Jewish Museum Manchester)  UK roundtable

Katalin Deme (Aarhus University), New challenges of Scandinavian Jewish Museology

Anastasia Felcher (IMT-Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca, Italy), ‘Barbed Wire and a Dress on a Hanger’: Jewish Presences in Museums across former USSR

Michal Frankl (Jewish Museum Prague), The “Spanish” Synagogue and the Challenges of “Exhibiting Jews” in the Czech Republic

David Glasser (Ben Uri Gallery, London), Jewish Museums, Ben Uri, Future & Faith: Jew Diligence or Due Diligence

Felicitas Heimann-Jellinek (Independent Scholar)  Showing without Revealing

Sharman Kadish (Jewish Heritage UK, Manchester)  UK roundtable

Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett (POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews), Curating Between Hope and Despair: Jewish Museums in Europe Today

Shir Kochavi (Univ. of Leeds), M. Narkiss 1945-50, heirless property, and the transformation of the Bezalel Museum

Cilly Kugelmann (Jewish Museum Berlin),  The Challenge of Presenting Jewish Cultures (in the German context)

Erica Lehrer (Concordia University) & Monika Murzyn-Kupisz (Krakow University of Economics, Re-curating the Nation: Representing Jews in Polish folk museums

Philippa Lester (Milim, Leeds), UK roundtable

Antonia Lovelace (Leeds City Museums)  UK roundtable

Abigail   Morris (Jewish Museum London) EU roundtable

Monika Murzyn-Kupisz (Krakow University of Economics) See Lehrer

Sylvia Necker (Institute for Contemporary History Munich-Berlin) Integrating Jewish Voices and Stories at Obersalzberg – towards a new display concept

Hilda Nissimi (Bar Ilan Univ, Ramat Gan) Danish Museum, Jewish Museum: The Danish Jewish Museum as Discourse on a Minority’s Integration

Kathrin Pieren (Univ. of Southampton) Jewish museology – what Jewish museology?

Griselda Pollock (Univ. of Leeds) Exhibiting Charlotte Salomon since 1945 – a crisis of classification?

Natalia Romik (UCL) Design and display adaptation of the Jewish Pre-Burial House in Gliwice

Joanne Rosenthal (Jewish Museum London) Whose Museum is it anyway? : Jewish Museums as universal spaces

Ross, Kitty (Leeds City Museums) See Lovelace

Timo Saalmann (Germanisches Nationalmuseum) Jewish Life in Bamberg. Making a Special Exhibition Permanent

Rachel Sarfati (Israel Museum) Jewish art and tradition – Israeli politics and culture

Diane Saunders (Milim, Leeds)  UK roundtable

Hagai Segev (Independent curator) A Broader Perspective of a Jewish Museum (Beit Hatefutsot)

Annette Seidel-Arpaci (Independent scholar) Diaspora, Discord, and ‘Diversity’: Jewish Museums in Germany and the ‘Post-Migrant’ Society

Sara Tas (Joods Hist. Mus. Amsterdam)  How to tell the story of the history of the Jews in the Netherlands. New vs Old

Zsuzsanna Toronyi (Jewish Museum Budapest) The renewal of the Hungarian Jewish Museum and Archives in 2016

Christiane Twiehaus (Archaeologische Zone, Cologne) The Archaeological Zone with Jewish Museum in Cologne, Germany

Magda Veselská (Jewish Museum in Prague) Museum: an (unfinished) story. The recent developments in the Jewish Museum in Prague

Miriam Wenzel (Jewish Museum Frankfurt) The Reinvention of the Jewish Museum Frankfurt

Dominic Williams (Univ. of Leeds) The Sonderkommando and the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial Museum 

Generously supported by a grant from the EAJS (European Association for Jewish Studies)  

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