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quinta-feira, junho 27, 2013

Sousa Mendes: One of the great stories of the XX Century

Dozens of descendents of refugees and of Sousa Mendes descendents travelled "The Road to Freedom" from Paris to Lisbon over the last few weeks, with the high points in Bordeaux, Vilar Formoso and Cabanas de Viriato. 

They have shared this emotional visit with the rest of us through the images and pictures they have published in Facebook.  

Perhaps my favorite comment is that of Neely Bruce, a musical composer from Connecticut:  

"The week in Portugal is going to be an amazing crescendo of those saved by the ASM visas and Aristides's descendants. 
This is one of the great stories of the 20th century, and we are reliving it as a team.   Astonishing."

Many thanks to these visitores  who came to Portugal to celebrate freedom remind us of the power of One Man  of Conscience! 

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