quinta-feira, maio 19, 2022

Mothers of Exile — Emma Lazarus and Lady Liberty, May 8, 2022

Very interesting story of Emma Lazarus, the poet who gave a voice to the Statue of Liberty. 

A descendent of Sephardic Jews from Portugal and Brazil (minute 24),  Emma Lazarus reached out to recent arrivals in the US in the 1880's.  This is both givinggiving back and giving forward.  Her poetic words keep inspiring us for good! 

Thank Sousa Mendes Foundation for this great teaching and learning moment.

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PPP Lusofonia disse...

I like the lifeboat analogy, for the alternative reactions of those first to escape persecution and/or proverty onto to the "lifeboat" (aka America):
A: Follow me, "Hang on to my lifeboat", we will make it together
B: Keep away, "Hands off my lifeboat", your presence threatens me
Only one letter difference, from "Hang on" to "Hands off"...