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sábado, maio 01, 2010

History Undercover: Diplomats for the Damned (2000)

While he has received the most attention, Oscar Shindler wasn't the only civilian hero to arise from World War II. The History Channel profiles the men and women that meant the difference between life and death in
History Undercover: Diplomats for the Damned.
As the Swiss Consul in Budapest, Carl Lutz helped save over 62,000 Jewish people from the concentration camps. Aristides de Sousa Mendes defied the Germans to write over 30,000 Visas allowing citizens safe passage to Portugal.

Whether hiding people in their homes or falsifying documents, these crusaders made a tremendous impact on those around them. American Hiram Bingham and German George Ferdinand Duckitz are also remembered in this one-hourTV  program. ~ Sarah Ing, All Movie Guide

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